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Illustration is a form of commercial art that seeks to embellish and explain concepts presented in books, advertising, signage, posters, product packaging and promotional materials.

Study Illustration with us and you will gain experience in book illustration, painting and printmaking, digital imaging, editorial illustration, freehand drawing and computer technologies. Advertising and promotion skills are also covered in our Illustration Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs – ideal for setting up your own business.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your folio and exhibit in Melbourne Polytechnic's galleries.

Career paths include:

  • editorial
  • advertising
  • graphic design
  • book and magazine illustration
  • botanical and natural history illustration
  • multimedia
  • animation (computer and film)
  • social commentary (comics or cartooning)
  • character design and illustration
  • concept design
  • 3D illustration.

Melbourne Polytechnic offers various pathways for you to further your studies. Many courses complement each other and will allow you to gain deeper knowledge and higher qualifications. 

Certificate III in Visual Arts
If you love to draw, a Certificate III in Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic will offer you a head start to a career in art and design. Develop your creative aspirations and career prospects in this practical course.

Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games
Don't play around, make gaming your career! If you love digital interactivity and want to make a career of it, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games provides the foundation to make your gaming dreams come true.

Certificate IV in Visual Arts
Reveal your inner artist through a Certificate IV in Visual Arts. Explore and create at Melbourne Polytechnic with this full and practical course offering hands-on studio subjects in painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking, photo media and digital media – practical skills that will set you up for a career in the visual arts

Diploma of Visual Arts - Illustration
Bring your creativity into the picture and develop your artistic career as an Illustrator! Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration Stream) provides unique training for the industry and builds on skills gained in the Certificate IV in Visual Arts

Associate Degree of Illustration
Melbourne Polytechnic's Associate Degree of Illustration is a two-year course that provides an embedded exit point within the Bachelor of Illustration.

Bachelor of the Built Environment
Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of the Built Environment was developed following rigorous consultation with industry stakeholders and benchmarking with comparative courses within Australia to ensure that students have essential skills as required by architects at the undergraduate level. Build your future with Melbourne Polytechnic.

Bachelor of Illustration
Let the Bachelor of Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic draw you in. Develop your practical skills and knowledge to a high level and engage in research based practice that will enhance your capacity to see the world in a different way. This unique degree also addresses business practice and opportunities for entrepreneurship in today’s creative arts industry

Master of Creative Industries
We pleased to introduce our latest post-graduate course - the Master of Creative Industries (MCI). The MCI aims to develop your expertise and update your knowledge necessary to function as an artist or arts professional in the creative industries

Short Courses
Children's Book Illustration - Introduction

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