Common Questions


When will I receive my confirmation letter?

This is emailed to you on the Thursday afternoon before your test date. You must print this and bring it with you on test day along with your original passport.

What happens if I want to cancel my application?

You may apply for a cancellation by completing the Request for Refund / Test Date Transfer form. However if you request this within 5 weeks of your test date, you will be charged the full fee.

What if I need to transfer/cancel my test date?

You may only do this if you give the centre a minimum of 2 weeks email notice. You will need to complete the Request for Refund / Test Date Transfer form.
Approved cancellations within 5 weeks of your test date incur an administrative fee of 25%.

Requests for test date or module changes made within 2 weeks of the test date will incur an administrative fee of $35.00.
Note that whilst we try to accommodate your request, they may not always be able to be granted and a cancellation may be offered instead.

What happens if I am absent on test day without giving prior notice?

Unless you are absent for medical reasons, you will be charged the full test fee.

If you can provide a medical certificate you may apply for a medical refund or transfer by completing the Request for Refund / Test Date Transfer form.

Requests for medical refunds or transfers must be submitted within 5 days of the test date.
If your request is approved, an administrative fee of 25% is charged (and you will receive a refund of 75% of the test fee.).

If a transfer approved, we will advise you of the next available test date. Consecutive medical transfers will not be approved and a refund will be offered instead.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my application?

Yes, the charge for cancellations is an administrative fee of 25%.

How do I change my address?

You must update your address details on your My IELTS Essentials account, and also send us a notification email. 
Or you can complete a Change of Address form on test day or by emailing it to us.

How long is the test score valid?

IELTS test results are valid for 2 years.

What help is available for special needs candidates?

Our centre makes every effort to cater for the special needs of candidates, to enable them to best understand questions and tasks and to give their answers. It is our aim for the language level of all candidates, irrespective of disability, to be assessed fairly and objectively.

Medical documentation must be emailed to the centre within 24 hours of booking your test. Candidates with special needs are advised to apply between 5 weeks and 3 months in advance for appropriate arrangements to be made.
Candidates cannot request special consideration when booking a test less than 2 weeks prior to their test date. 

What should I take on Test Day?

Passport: Only original, current passports are accepted.
Confirmation Letter, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, clear bottle of water.

What if I don't have a passport?

Only an original, current and valid passport may be used for identification.

What can I bring into the test room?

Only your passport, pens, pencils, erasers, and a clear water bottle. Correction fluid must not be used. You must leave anything which you do not need, or which is not allowed, at home. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off and placed with personal belongings in the area designated by the supervisor. Candidates who do not switch off their phone/pager, or who takes one into the test room, will be disqualified.

When will my results be available?

The IELTS Test Report Form is issued to candidates on the 13th day (Friday) after the test date. No results can be given over the telephone, fax, or email.

You may request your results to be held for collection from our office, either on test day (before your speaking interview) or by emailing us. Please include your full name, test date, test venue, passport number, and candidate number.
Any results not requested to be held will be posted from 2pm on this Friday.

Results will only be held at the IELTS reception for four weeks, and will be posted after this time.

What happens if I lose my Test Report Form?

We cannot be issue you with another Test Report Form, however you can apply for up to 5 additional copies of the original certificate. These additional copies will NOT be sent to you, but can be sent to universities, embassies, consulates, etc.

How do I arrange for Test Report Forms to be forwarded to Universities, Consulates etc.?

You must complete the Request for Additional Test Report Form.

We use Australia Post standard delivery when posting Test Report Forms within Australia. If you want to use a registered envelope, you must supply this to our office. Registered envelopes can be purchased from any Australia Post office.

Candidates wishing to send an additional Test Report Form overseas must supply us with an overseas A4 registered, postage-paid envelope.

Please note: Additional Test Report Forms are only posted, and only registered organisations are eligible to receive copies (not migrant agents and lawyers).

What level of English do I need to take the IELTS Test?

IELTS tests are aimed at candidates with an Intermediate and above level.

Do I have to study at an English language school before I take IELTS?

No. However to get your best possible score, you may consider taking an IELTS Preparation Class which will familiarise you with the types of questions you will get on the test.

What age must I be to sit the IELTS test?

IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16.

Can I purchase materials to help me prepare for the test?

Yes, you can purchase an IELTS Specimen Materials kit from our office for $35.00​ (inc GST). Or you may download practice materials from the IELTS web site.

Is there 10 minutes at the end of the Reading test to transfer answers to the Answer Sheet?

No. The Reading Test is one hour and you must write all your answers on the Answer Sheet in this hour.

Can I write on the Test Question Papers?

Yes. The Examiners do not see your Test Question Papers, so you can make any notes that you like.

If I repeat the test, do I have to sit for all sections of the test?

Yes, all 4 skills must be tested.

How strictly is IELTS marked?

Incorrect spelling and grammar are penalised on the Listening and Reading Answer Sheets. Both UK and US varieties of spelling are acceptable. If you are asked to write the answer in a specific number of words, you will be penalised if you write more than the required number. In questions where you are expected to complete a gap, you should only transfer the necessary missing word(s) onto the Answer Sheet.

What if I'm unhappy with my results?

Candidates may request an Enquiry on Results. The test material will be sent to a Senior Examiner to review the results. The fee for this is $176 and takes 6 – 8 weeks to be finalised. If there is a change in score, the fee is fully refunded. If there is no change, there is no refund. 
The completed Enquiry on Results form and your original Test Report Form must be presented to our office within 6 weeks of your test date.

How often can I repeat the test?

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test. HOWEVER scores are unlikely to improve dramatically without English language lessons or IELTS preparation courses between tests.

Who do I make out Cheques or Money Orders to?

Melbourne Polytechnic IELTS Office.

Is there a waiting list?

No, candidates must apply for the next available test date.

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