Terms and Conditions


1. Cancelling a test incurs an administrative fee of 25% of the full test fee.

2. Transferring a test with less than 2 weeks prior to a test date incurs an administrative fee of $35.

3. The full fee is payable if candidates do not attend the test.
The exception is if a medical certificate or other documentation is provided with a Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form and the confirmation letter, no later than 5 working days after the test date.

4. The original, current passport and printed confirmation letter must be brought with candidates on test day. If these are not brought, candidates cannot sit the test.

5. Late candidates will not be admitted on test day.

6. Mobile phones, watches, electronic devices and bags cannot be taken into the test or interview room. They can be left in a supervised area.

7. An Enquiry on Result must be lodged within 6 weeks of the test date with a $176.00 administrative fee. This fee is refundable if marks are altered.

8. Results can be collected on the 13th day after the test (Friday) between 10am and 2pm. If results are not collected, they will be posted at 2pm on that Friday.

9. Results are posted via standard mail with Australia Post. If a candidate wishes to use registered post, they must supply the office with a registered envelope before the 13th day.

The above Terms and Conditions have been incorporated with the IELTS Terms and Conditions and My IELTS Essentials. By accepting the Terms and Conditions when booking a test online, you will have agreed to the conditions above.

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Last Modified: October 9, 2015