Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team art installed

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The Melbourne Polytechnic dream team mural is now in place!

If you’ve been following the story of the collaborative Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team project so far (you can read more here and here) you will know that students and staff across a number of departments have come together to create a unique piece of art. These talented people are known around campus as the #melbpolydreamteam and have been hard at work to create a public art mural that sits between buildings A and E at the Preston campus.

We caught up with some of the staff and students to talk to them about the project, how it came to be and what it means to them.

Con Emmanuelle

Visual Arts Teacher

“The visual concept for the mural was based on Melbourne Polytechnic’s new tagline ‘Rule Your World’.

In order for our students to understand the meaning of ‘Rule Your World’ the idea was to base the mural on the eight Australians we believe embody the essence of the ‘Rule Your World spirit’. We think that when students and visitors to the Preston campus visit the art piece, they will be inspired to achieve success if they follow the same etho of these icons.

When it came to selecting the students for the Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team , we based our criteria on a number of factors, aside from the ability to illustrate, the students also needed to have shown commitment throughout the academic year, reliability, communication skills and a can do attitude – all part of working in a successful collaborative project with a tight time frame.

I am really excited that we get this opportunity to validate the talent of our students work and will continue to do so with more Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team projects”.

You can see Con’s work at his website here.



Diploma of Visual Arts – Illustration

Declan has set his sights high in the world of art – he plans to move into band art, technical illustration and music illustration. Declan says that working on the Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team project has allowed him to work on a big scale project which doesn’t come along very often. He says “this gives me the chance to showcase my skills and passion and to work with excellent individuals, using paint and illustration in a public place – it’s what I love to do!

When it comes to public art, Declan says “Public art is what makes the world more interesting and make it stand out. Cities can sometimes look like bland, concrete jungles. Murals and great architecture adds life to a somewhat plain scene scape. Colour adds life and art can be appreciated by most people. It gets people talking and interacting which is very important in this day and age!”.

You can follow Declan on Instagram at @declantransamillustration



Diploma of Visual Arts – Illustration

Anna’s exceptional illustrative talent sees her aiming for the world of commercial art and children’s book illustration. Along with her fellow Dream Teamers, Anna says she is excited to have worked on such a large scale production and the freedom that she’s been given to express her talents “ I love when art is shared – sharing in the creative and sharing in the final product with the rest of the community. It’s exciting to go beyond the insular world of art for one’s own sake and do it so socially and for the benefit of others”.

Anna says that the whole process has been an incredibly fruitful learning experience, “It’s been such a great team building exercise and taught me a lot on how to negotiate and plan when other creative minds have input! It’s also humbling to have a piece of my art displayed long term in a school I’ve really grown to love. I hope this project will be the start of many like it to come. I’ve learnt more about the commercial/’behind the scenes’ side of art such as how much materials cost and how many people it takes to co-ordinate a project like this. I’ve also learnt that hard work pays off, last year I worked hard and was chosen for the Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team project. Now having completed the mural it’s been excellent to step back and be pleased with the work that was done!”

You can follow Anna on Instagram at @annaseeds



Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development

Working on the Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team project for product development student Ben has given him some valuable insights into how he will approach his work in the future. Ben has worked on large scale murals before and plans to expand his commission of murals, illustration and conceptual design with his qualification and experience from this project.

Ben says “I feel I benefit from collaborative projects such as this and that they enrich my overall experience as an artist and I’m always excited meeting and collaborating with new creative people. It’s great to be part of a project like this and give something back to Melbourne polytechnic.” Ben is an advocate of public art and believes that it inspires the community and creates a landmark of artistic expression. He says “The more public art the better”. We agree, Ben. We agree.

You can see Ben’s work at his website here



Diploma of Visual Arts – Painting

Lisa says it means the world to participate in the Melbourne Polytechnic Dream Team project.  She is proud to have been selected and excited to be able to work on such a large scale piece. With regards to learning from the experience, Lisa says “I had moments of being terrified that I couldn’t get it right, it was a steep learning curve but I held on and in the end, it paid off. Four students, one week, twelve metres to paint = amazing!”

Public art plays an important part to the community. Lisa says art available for everyone to appreciate is in place “to capture the imagination, to inspire, to stop you in your tracks, and to make you think”

You can follow Lisa on Instagram at @bumblingbeebum or visit her work here


We are extremely proud of all the staff and students who have taken part so far in the project – but there is still more to come!

The illustrated panels have been lacquered and bolted into place but there are more elements to be added. If you have an idea of what that could be let us know – all will be revealed next week. Next time you are over at the Preston campus, head out to the courtyard by building A, take a seat and appreciate our public art!

Congratulations #melbpolydreamteam

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